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Foam mat Optimal 16

493,00 Kč

Új termék

Foam puzzle. A set of 16 parts sized 32x32 cm. 8 mm thick.

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Počet dílů 16
Dimentions 120x120 cm
Weight 0,65 kg
Életkor 3+
Anyagok PE Foam
A vastag anyag 8 mm

A set of 16 parts sized 32x32 cm. The size of the assembled mat is 120x120 cm, 8 mm thick.

This foam puzzle was specifically designed based on our customers' suggestions. The size of the mat is optimal for playing, and due to its rounded corners there is no need for extra frame parts.

Optimal foam mat transforms a room into an ideal playground for various activities. It gives the room colorful and cheerful tones. It provokes an interest and teaches the child to recognize colors. Parents won't have to worry: a child will be in a warm and pleasant environment, without a risk of bruises or scratches. The material of the foam mat has no risk to health, which is guaranteed by various certificates. The foam mat can be secured on a wall by a bed, to warm the room and decorate the child's space.

The mat can be ordered in four or six colour variations.

The colours can be chosen from: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange.

The foam puzzle is made from a light-weight, durable material, which does not fade. It is easily washed and does not absorb any liquid. The mat can be easily folded and unfolded and can be taken anywhere.

The material is made in the EU.

For 3-year old children and older.

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