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Wild animals Nagyobb

Wild animals

20,00 Kč


Új termék

The size of the pad is 28x18 cm, 8 mm thick.

Bővebb leírás


Počet dílů 1+6
Dimentions 18x28 cm
Weight 30 g
Életkor 3+
Anyagok PE Foam
A vastag anyag 8 mm

A pad with 6 wild animal insetrs. It introduces wild animals.

It is a developing game. The mat with various figures will capture the child’s attention. The frame and insert are made from a colourful and pleasant material,  assemling them together a child can show his/her skill and acuity.  It helps in the development of spacial and logical thinking, creative abilities and memory. However, it is inadvisable to force the child and rush the learning process. In a pre-school age the best way to learn is through play based on a child’s own aspirations.
The material is made in the EU.
For 3-year old children and older

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Foam mat MIX 72

Foam puzzle. This mat consists of 72 frames and inserts with latin letters, numbers, geometrical figures, domestic and wild animal figures.A set of 72 parts, sized 14.5x14.5 cm.

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