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Foam mat MAXI Animals V. strong

319,00 Kč


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Foam puzzle. A set of 4 parts with with animal figures sized 32x32 cm. 16 mm thick.

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Počet dílů 4+4
Dimentions 60x60 cm
Weight 0,32 kg
Edad 0+
Materiales PE Foam
El espesor del material 16 mm

A set of 4 parts with with animal figures sized 32x32 cm. The size of the assembled mat is 60x60 cm, 16 mm thick.

Embossed image accurately reflects not only the outline of the animal but also its character, emotion. Offers new opportunities to develop tactile memory. Our solutions allow for this series of toys to include in the category "For 0-year old children and older". Parents no longer need to fear that the child bite "leg" or "tail" of the animal.

The frame and insert are made from a colourful and pleasant material,  assemling them together a child can show his/her skill and acuity. The child will learn animal figures in a playful manner. Which will be useful in the future. It helps in the development of spacial and logical thinking, creative abilities and memory.

However, it is inadvisable to force the child and rush the learning process. In a pre-school age the best way to learn is through play based on a child’s own aspirations.

The foam puzzle is made from a light-weight, durable material, which does not fade. It is easily washed and does not absorb any liquid. The foam mat can be easily folded and unfolded and can be taken anywhere.

The material is made in the EU.

For 0-year old children and older.

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Frame for Uni-form 24 strong

Foam puzzle. A set of 20 side parts, sized 26x9 cm, sized 10x10 cm. 16 mm thick. 

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