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The size of each pad is 28x18 cm,8 mm thick.

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Počet dílů 1+18
Dimentions 18x28 cm
Weight 30 g
Edad 3+
Materiales PE Foam
El espesor del material 8 mm
The size of each pad is 28x18 cm, 8 mm thick.

A set consists of a pad, number-inserts from 0 to 10 and “plus“, “minus“ and “equal“ signs. It develops logic, attention, visual and tactile memory, imagination and speech. It introduces the world of numbers. It teaches counting, precision and accuracy. The numbers and signs can also be used as a mini-constructor, due to their ability to ‘cling‘ to each other very well. The numbers are also beneficial in preparation for writting and development of tactile feeling (tracing the number with an index finger, inserting the letters into their slots with closed eyes).

The material is made in the EU.

For 3-year old children and older.

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Foam mat MIX 72

Foam puzzle. This mat consists of 72 frames and inserts with latin letters, numbers, geometrical figures, domestic and wild animal figures.A set of 72 parts, sized 14.5x14.5 cm.

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