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Magic circle

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The size of the game is 15x18 cm,8 mm thick.

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Počet dílů10
Základní modely10
Dimentions15x18 cm
Weight15 g
MaterialienPE Foam
Materialstärke8 mm

A developmental game – a puzzle.

The size of the game is 15x18 cm, 8 mm thick. It aids development of spatial and figurative thinking, logic, imagination, visual and tactile memory. Combining and adding together various parts on a flat surface, you can create many new figures, animals, humans, buildings etc.

The tasks are designed for a growing level of dificulty. If a child easily manages the frame variation of the game (1st Level of Dificulty), you can offer him a variation with a filling (2nd Level of Dificulty).

The material is made in the EU.

For 3-year old children and older.

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